Discover the music already in you.

No matter the age, I believe everyone is born with music inside them, waiting to be discovered. Some are strong in reading music, some are strong in listening and understanding music, some are strong in appreciating music—there are many ways music can touch us, and they are all important.

My purpose in teaching is to facilitate a life-long love for learning music by providing a strong foundation in note-reading, ear-training, and music theory, thereby being able to enjoy and play new music, long after lessons have ceased. In a private lesson setting, I focus on what your goals are for wanting to study music, and tailor specific learning objectives to get you there. Lessons will focus on learning pain-free technique, developing expressive playing, studying patterns in music through theory concepts, and gaining self-confidence in personal settings as well as in performance settings. (Studio recitals are held twice a year.) Lessons also cover effective practice strategies.

Students in my studio range from ages 5 to adult, from beginner to late intermediate levels, covering many genres of music, and many methods of study. I continually research new methods and educational concepts to keep my teaching strategies up to date, and to learn how best to reach all types of learners. As long as a student is willing to learn, I am ready and excited to teach.